Buy Multi Game Card, 180 / 185 / 188 / 216 / 229 / 280 / 67 / 366 / 335 / 350 / 360 / 587 in 1 Super Multi Games Card (dsgames) for Nintendo 3DS, DSi, DSi XL/LL, DS Lite and DS

r4i cards
r4i 3ds
The R4i SDHC Revolution Card for Nintendo 3DS / DSi / DSi XL, DS Lite is released by The R4i SDHC 3DS was one of the early flash card that support Nintendo 3DS Console. The R4i 3DS Card allow the 3DS player to run DS homebrew games on 3DS system.

r4i sdhc
A card provides all NDS games and unprecedented experience to the player. WIFI search engine function available with NDS/NDSi/NDSi LL. Users are able to search and download the games and the latest game information according to their own preferences anytime, anywhere.

r4i 3ds gold
It can support all old and latest Nintendo DS games, game loading speed is faster than former. Meanwhile, the R4i Gold Plus’s power consumption is lower, the battery life is longer, the compatibility of Micro SD card is better. The third-party software support, the kernel update frequently, Bring a better experience.

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